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5:00 PM

Big Top Academy

It's time for the mid-term student showcase auditions at Big Top Academy!

6:02 AM
Splash and Bubbles
When Splash and the others want to play with Dorsal, he tells them that first he needs to do his "job," which that day is using his echolocation to help his group find food. Splash and the others wonder if they need "jobs" to do in Reeftown and try to figure out what those would be.
6:15 AM
After reading the Wizard of Oz, the gang wonders... could a tornado really pick up a house? To find out, they call up Mundi's friend Luke, who's a storm-chaser but when the call ends abruptly, Doki declares a rescue expedition! The Team flies to a weather station near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to make sure Luke is okay. Luckily he's fine - and with a storm brewing, the Team goes tornado spotting with him. Fico becomes a hero when he sounds a warning siren to alert a town to an oncoming twister - but he also learns respect for nature when his bike is mangled in the storm. --- Oto has a big tennis match coming up, but his smelly shoes are banned from the clubhouse. Their distinctive smell is stinking the whole place up! But why do Oto's lucky shoes smell exactly like stinky cheese? If they answer that question, maybe they can deodorize Oto's smelly shoes, AND the clubhouse! They head to a stinky cheese festival in Limburger, Belgium, to learn what makes things smell. While there, Oto's shoes go missing - and it takes Gabi's delicate nose to track them down before the big game.
6:38 AM
Ping and Friends
Ping and Pong join together in their quest to find the ideal music for Snail Mail and in doing so, meet Maria, who shares a new style of music with them from Brazil.
6:45 AM
Tee and Mo
It's tidying up day and Tee's friend Lily the Tiger comes over to play her favourite game; Surprise! But can they surprise Mo?
6:52 AM
When Nine needs a helping hand, he turns into a talented trio of circus blocks, the Three Threes. Learn how to share 9 into equal parts with the Numberblocks.
6:57 AM
Odd Squad
Olive and Otto help Santa track down his reindeer when they are accidentally shrunk. Also, Oscar helps Ms. O get off Santa's naughty list by making sure the number of nice things she has done is greater than the number of naughty.
7:10 AM
Box Yourself Minis
Øistein makes an airplane from a juice carton and a dog pilot from a toilet roll.
7:14 AM
Paw Patrol
Cell phones are vanishing all over adventure bay! The pups will need a lot of police power to solve this mystery and save the day!
7:26 AM
Priscilla loves jumping in the leaves.
7:29 AM
Wild Kratts
While on a mission to investigate the exoskeletons of the Atlas and Hercules beetles, the Hercules beetle accidentally gets enlarged. Now the Wild Kratts are faced with a new mission. How to find a way to shrink the giant beetle before it demolishes everything in its path!
7:55 AM
Bitz and Bob
Bitz, Purl and Bob are on a treasure hunt on Faraway Island with the help of an old map, and find a huge chest full of yummy chocolate coins. Unfortunately Pirate Bevelbeard and his ship dudes Zip and Pop appear unexpectedly, grabbing the treasure and also Purl, and taking them back to their pirate ship. Bitz needs to work out how they can get on-board the ship and rescue Purl and the chocolate coins!
8:07 AM
You Can Do It Too!
Padoing! We're turning cardboard tubes, elastic bands and pencils into paper ball launchers. The more energy stored, the further the paper will launch.
8:13 AM
Let's Go Luna
In Tokyo, when Salami Strong gets injured and can't do his act, Carmen enlists a Sumo wrestler to put on an exhibition match with Luna instead
8:25 AM
16 Hudson
When Sam ice-skates easily his first time out, Lili who's been practicing her hardest just to be half-as good- is livid! That is, until she finds a way to be happy with her own progress and accomplishments.
8:34 AM
The Numberblocks play an exciting game of bounceball and it's the Even Tops versus the Odd Blocks. Learn about odd and even numbers with the Numberblocks.
8:40 AM
Space Racers
Sandpiper leads Robyn, Starling and Lark off to Jupiter's moon Europa for their Space Girl Explorers meeting. This is Robyn's big chance to get her 150th badge, for Trailblazing, and finally earn her ,Saturn Stripes., After several unsuccessful attempts, she's dejected and disappointed... until she picks up a mysterious audio signal that includes the words, ,Hello, aliens., Aliens? The girls have a real mystery on their wings! Now they need the right tool - so off they fly again, this time to a powerful radio telescope in orbit of Mars. There they track the signal and learns that it's coming from outside the solar system. But from whom? Back on Earth, Robyn discovers the source of the radio signal: a very old probe that Coot launched years ago. Robyn finally earns her elusive badge because ,trailblazing isn't just about finding new physical paths. It's also for discovering new paths of thinking!,
8:52 AM
Are You Ready?
Our friend washes the dishes all my herself.
8:55 AM
Can You Imagine That!
Clare wants to be a meteorologist. She imagines what it would be like to have her own weather station and work for a News Station. She wants to tell people what the weather will be, so they can be prepared for all seasons. Whether it will rain cats and dogs, or be a snow day!
9:00 AM
Paw Patrol
Feeling like he has four left paws and his clumsy ways are constantly messing up his friend's fun, Marshall decides to take a break from the PAW Patrol and goes off to the woods. Once the pups notice Marshall is gone they jump to action to find him and bring him back to the Lookout. With the help of Chases' drone they track him down just as Marshall is trying to rescue a bunny and her family who have been trapped in their burrow. Two rescues rolled into one! --- The PAW Patrol are on another road trip in the Paw Patroller, this time to the Icy Tundra to help Jake count penguins. Little do they realize that Cali has been packed up too as an unsuspecting stowaway. In an effort to get home, Cali finds herself on Everest's plow, and the pups have to rescue a run-away kitty on a run-away Snow Cat.
9:24 AM
Odd noises are coming from the Marsh's drains, and the Shutterbugs are sent underground to investigate.
9:36 AM
Rob the Robot
When TK breaks her guitar, the friends head off to the Fix It Planet for some last minute repairs. There, they discover you don't need fancy instruments to make music, just a little imagination!
9:48 AM
Frankie and Frank
Frankie and Frank (and Frank's left thumb) all know how important it is to get up and exercise!
9:51 AM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave make up a song of jungle animal noises. Listening carefully to the sounds their jungle friends make, they learn how to 'Oooh-Oooh-ooh' like a monkey, 'kaw' like a parrot and 'roar' like a Leopard - and everyone joins them in singing their special Jungle Song!
10:02 AM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
Miffy is worried about Snuffy, she never gone this long without seeing her before. Has she got lost? A search of the village fails to find her -until Uncle Pilot suggests looking from higher up!
10:09 AM
Tee and Mo
Mo is eager to get a new picture of Tee for her wall, but Tee is more interested in pictures of bugs than posing for the camera himself. Is there any way to do both?
10:18 AM
Bing wants to get dizzy on the roundybout so Pando pushes him superfast. Bing quickly learns that a little dizzy is fun, but too much dizzy is no fun at all.
10:25 AM
Yeti Tales
Yetili tells the story of a shrinking girl giant.
10:35 AM
Dad is going away on business for a week. Zou misses him, so Grandpa suggests making him a surprise for when he gets back. Zou decides he wants to make recordings of everyone in the family on Grandpa's old cassette recorder. In the end it's Zou who is surprised when Dad comes home a few days early.
10:46 AM
Mrs. Zolli, the crossing guard, decides it's time to reinforce her message of road safety to all the youngsters. She makes it fun, Zou and his friends learn a very important lesson.
10:58 AM
Bamboo Love
Bamboo Love is hoping a playmate will come along but only a snowflake arrives, and even that melts. But then there is a significant snowfall that covers everything, and she discovers that when the snow comes so does a lot of active fun.
11:01 AM
Opie's Home
Opie is afraid of a spider in his room, until Lucas helps him channel the bravery of his favorite action figure Knightosaur to confront the spider and discover that he's just a lost knight too.
11:08 AM
Zerby Derby
Zack and Lily want to climb a hill of scree - loose rocks and dirt. But every time they do, the rocks fall and block Axle's garage door. Time to try, try again and find a solution that rocks but not rolls. --- Dotty the Drone wants to help Fill and Sandy clean up hazards at Zerby Town Airport. But a drone doesn't make for a great construction vehicle. Lifting things just isn't Dotty's strength. But she learns she has a knack for moving leaves. --- Jake the Truck is having a hard time going around a banked turn without falling over. Zack comes to the rescue by teaching him the value of try, trying again.
11:29 AM
Lejo conducts a string quartet. After a false start Lejo is getting a bit over enthusiastic.
11:32 AM
Now You Know
Howie and Baboo visit earthworm expert Skye at an environmental center, who shows them a compost bin full of earthworms, and explains how earthworms breathe underground.
11:39 AM
Dino Dana
When Dana's soccer team is outclassed by Riley's team, Dana and Coach Grandma work together to devise prehistoric strategies from the Smilodon and the Mammoth to win the game.
11:50 AM
Bitz and Bob
Naughty fairies Zipsy and Popsy have put a spell on Princess Purl so that she sleeps for a gazillion years. They try everything to wake her up but nothing works, not even a kiss from brave Sir Bevel. Can Bitz invent a way to save the day before Zipsy and Popsy put a spell on them too?
12:01 PM
You Can Do It Too!
Our friends are making their own super strong lifters, but how many strands of yarn will make the lifters strong enough to carry a full tube of bouncy balls - and a teddy?
12:06 PM
Paw Patrol
Marshal gets a new BFF when a gosling named "Fuzzy" takes a liking to him. Ryder and the Paw Patrol have to figure out a way to get Fuzzy to join his flock when they fly south, because he won't leave Marshal! --- When Mayor Goodway accidentally takes off in a hot air balloon, Ryder and the Paw Patrol must make a dramatic rescue to save her and win the race!
12:29 PM
With Boomer's personal project to collect every single animal sound, complete, imagine his dismay on hearing a hoot-hoot in the middle of the night. This taking us into a night-time adventure with the Floogals keen to discover what this animal is.
12:40 PM
Frankie and Frank
Frankie and Frank show everyone why the Letter B is one of their favourite, and tastiest letters!
12:43 PM
Cutie Pugs
It's another beautiful day, as Penny runs around outside, Poppy plays with her toys, Petey tries tot nibble some flowers, and Pablo - wait, what's wrong with Pablo? He's lying on the grass bored... but not for long! Uncle Marcus has arrived, and who should emerge from the car but Maggie the Sheepdog! Mom calls out to Dee Dee who appears and gives Maggie a big hug, before being dragged by Maggie to the backyard to see the pugs. Pablo leaps up, excited, and wants to know more about this ,Maggie,. He discovers that even though she looks very different, she is a dog, just like him. He finds other similarities and he learns that dogs are different from people who have two legs, whereas dogs have 4 legs. The day ends with Mom and Dee Dee playing with Maggie and Pablo realizing he's not bored after all. Best day ev-errr!!
12:50 PM
Ping and Friends
Pong's latest musical invention, the "Popcorn Pinger" goes berserk!
12:59 PM
Adam loves to play hockey.
1:01 PM
Abby Hatcher
Princess Flug thinks Melvin's surprise party is for her, and gets very upset when she realizes it's not.
1:13 PM
Mr. Moon
While helping the Bees, Stella drops a jar full of honey, which makes a mess of the Beehive. Stella feels dreadful until Mr Moon convinces her that accidents can happen to anyone.
1:25 PM
Bing builds a house out of the sofa cushions and Coco decides it's the perfect starting point for a game of "Big Bad Wolf" with Sula and Charlie. Bing enjoys being wolfie until he's not allowed into the house he built, at which point the game loses its appeal.
1:33 PM
When Zinnia comes over to play for the day, Zou isn't very happy. They don't always like to play the same things! But, they soon get involved in a game of ,shops,, borrowing the ,merchandise, from around the house - and end up having fun together.
1:45 PM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
When a trip to the supermarket leaves the car covered in mud, Miffy and Grunty think it would be fun to wash it clean again - but it's not as easy as it looks!
1:52 PM
Treasure Champs
Barry, Kari and Thingy are trying to decide what to play. They try the tactic of ,loudest voice wins, but Thingy is the noisiest of all! Instead, they opt to play what most of them want to play. Barry and Kari win with their choice of reading, and Thingy is more than happy to join in!
1:55 PM
The Day Henry Met...
Henry meets a Cactus in a garden centre. Cactus grandfather used to be a Sheriff in the Wild West and always dreamt of following in his footsteps. That gives Henry a great idea and he becomes a Sheriff in the Wild West and Cactus becomes his deputy.
2:01 PM
Lily's Driftwood Bay
Lily finds Salty's precious old pocket watch washed up on the beach and promises to look after it for him. But, the watch is snatched from Lily's hand by the passing Clickety Clackety Train, resulting in a chase all over Driftwood Bay to track it down.
2:08 PM
Rob the Robot
When Rob can't get a song out of his head, the friends take him to the Repair Shop Planet to help fix a faulty chip. But when Rob decides to fix more than he should, he finds himself changed...for the worse!
2:20 PM
Zerby Derby
Sandy the Bulldozer joins Zack and Lily for a game of hide-and-seek. Zack and Lily are very surprised at how good Sandy is at hiding. But they soon discover Sandy's tracks, which they hope to follow to her hiding spot. When the tracks go over a rock they figure out to search the other side of the rock to find them again. When the tracks go into tall grass they learn to look for grass that's pushed over, and when they encounter tracks all over the place they search for other clues in order to find Sandy.
2:27 PM
Hi Opie!
Opie tries to make indoor recess as much fun as outdoor recess when the class has to stay inside.
2:37 PM
Mister Maker
Mister Maker makes a clacker drum out of an old cheese box, uses newspaper to build a hilarious gargoyle and creates wonderful woolly winding art! Guess the answer to the shape puzzle and watch 'the mister maker kids' create an enormous koala bear.
2:55 PM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave learn different ways to stay safe. Hatty shows them how to be safe when crossing a road, boating and doing construction work. Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave help keep others safe too, when they repair a broken road sign to warn the Sheep about danger on the road up ahead!
3:07 PM
Space Racers
Starling has a crucial flight test to pass before she can move on with her training. The older cadets have been helping her practice, but the day before the big test she's nervous. To calm her, Robyn mentions that a comet should be visible as it passes Earth that night - and it's good luck to make a wish on it. But the comet never shows. Turns out Robyn got the dates mixed up: the comet won't appear for another four months. Starling is crestfallen, and now convinced that she'll fail. But there's still a way to see a comet that night... just not from Earth! Eagle leads the way as they race through space, dodging meteorites and other obstacles that Starling has learned to navigate. They finally see Halley's Comet, and Starling gets to make her wish after all. When Headmaster Crane learns of her brave skills on their trip, he decides that she's already passed the flight test!
3:20 PM
Paw Patrol
The Pups are helping Carlos and Tracker make PawPaw juice when they find out Mayor Goodway's hanging from a limb and the mule, Mula Terca, has run away with Chickaletta. The Pups have to get the Mayor down and find Chickaletta, to save the day! --- Ryder and the Pups need to save Farmer's Al's corn crop from hungry birds, after the top of his silo has been accidentally knocked off!
3:44 PM
The Ollie & Moon Show
When Moon tries to get Ollie to eat something other than cheese sandwiches, she makes a discovery that's hard to swallow.
3:56 PM
Blynk and Aazoo
Our young inquirer, Shlok, asks our intrepid inventioneers, Blynk and Aazoo: How can I get superhuman strength? With the help of our intergalactic scientist, Eugenia, discover how the tiniest creatures can have the greatest strength, and how science might help you be stronger! Blynk gets inspired and invents something that sparks some unexpected results!
4:03 PM
It's the Elwood City dog show and Killer is facing off against Sebastian Winkleplotz, the snooty, championship-winning poodle. At stake: the Read family's honour. Can Killer's coach, Pal, transform her from combative canine to sophisticated show dog? --- Arthur agrees to watch Amigo while Alberto's off at camp. At first Pal is thrilled to have the company! (He even teaches Amigo his coveted table begging secrets!) But when Arthur appears to favor Amigo during a game of catch, Pal begins to worry that he's lost his place as top dog...
4:30 PM
That TVOkids Show
Join TVOkids hosts Lucas, Laura and Greg every weekday as they talk to Ontario kids and have fun in their special tree fort hangout! Today, Laura and Greg learn about having a job.
4:45 PM
Odd Squad
When Ms. O has bizarre side effects after being sprayed by a weird plant, Olive and Otto must travel around town finding the correct measurements of the ingredients for the medicine to cure her, all while keeping Ms. O's condition a secret from her.
5:00 PM
Big Top Academy
While auditioning for the mid-term student showcase, Nicholas pushes himself too hard, Axel ventures outside of his comfort zone, and Chase is told he can't participate until he improves his academic grades.
5:22 PM
Wild Kratts
It is Christmas time and the Wild Kratts are taking a break from creature adventuring to celebrate. They are just beginning to open their presents when the Wild Kratts Alarm sounds. The villains, Zach Varmitech, Gaston Gourmand and Donita Donata are kidnapping all the baby animals to turn them into Christmas ornaments! Christmas will have to wait as the Wild Kratts spring into action to save their friends and get them home for Christmas.
5:48 PM
Dino Dana
Dana is trying to figure out how different dinos protect their eggs from hungry egg-eaters. Meanwhile, Saara wants to prove to Dad that she can baby-sit Dana and Dexter, which means helping Dana with her dino experiment and carrying around an egg as a surrogate Dexter.
6:00 PM
Science Max: Experiments at Large
When antacid tablets mix with water, you get a chemical reaction. Phil harnesses this to make several variations on rockets! Plus, why acids and bases react, and how to use chemistry to make light, instant crystals, or pop balloons.
6:22 PM
Super Mighty Makers
Craft Kid Scarlett's best friend Keith was born with cerebral palsy. Keith gets nervous when he rides the bus, so Scarlett wants to make Keith something that will boost his confidence and make him smile on the bus! Bondini and Super Mighty Maker Holly help Scarlett make Keith a cool fidget toy, the "In-Fun-ity Cube".
6:33 PM
Nick's still not allowed back in the junkyard, so Anne and her Dad invite Nick's Mom to see that the androids aren't dangerous. To keep everybody safe, Anne gives the androids rules they must follow. But, even with new rules, accidents have a tendency of happening when Shania and the androids are around. Unfortunately, instead of making Nick's Mom change her mind, visiting the junkyard made Nick's Mom even more sure it's not a place she wants Nick to be.