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10:09 AM

Finding Stuff Out (Gr 1-4 Science)

What makes an animal a good farm animal?

6:00 AM
Splash and Bubbles
The Reeftown Rangers, continuing their migration adventure in the Antarctic, meet Pebbles, a gentoo penguin, and learn that she will receive a gift of a pebble from a male penguin who wants her to be his partner for life.
6:15 AM
Doki (Gr 1-2 Social Studies)
When Mundi is asked to house-sit a really 'special' home, Doki wonders... what's so special about it? They head over to the 'Smart House' across the lake, to find out! It turns out to be a high-tech house, full of interconnected gadgets. Oto gets over-excited and tries to 'improve' the home's security system, but accidentally damages it, causing stress for Mundi. Instead of giving him the chance to fix his mistake, she banishes him back to the clubhouse. But she soon wishes she hadn't, when Fico and Doki accidentally trip the security system, trapping them all inside! --- When Doki is foiled by a 'windmill' on Oto's mini-golf course, the Team realizes that they don't actually know... what do real windmills do? Doki wants to find out, so he and Fico pack their putters and the whole team heads off to Holland, In the Netherlands. But golf is even harder in this windy country, and a stray ball damages a dike, forcing Doki and Fico to plug the leaks with their fingers! Fortunately, the others have learned what Dutch windmills are really for pumping water away. Doki has learned to fix little problems before they become big ones.
6:38 AM
Ping and Friends
Javanese puppetry and music gives Matilda the strenght to go through the night while camping with Ping and Friends.
6:45 AM
Tee and Mo
It's a cold day and Tee wants to play outside. Mo agrees but only if he puts on enough layers...a fun dress up game ensues!
6:52 AM
GBB: Jolly Reader
Pirate Gisele sails the seven seas with her motley puppet crew as they explore literacy building blocks. Spelling, Rhyming, phonics, sign reading, and critical thinking are all explored in this fun adventure series. In this episode Flee sees something through his telescope and tries to explain to Gisele what he sees. Concentration on sounds inside a word - consonant blends, vowel sounds, and putting sounds together.
6:57 AM
Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum
Brad is horrified when he runs into a spider on the playground and quickly adds the monkey bars to his list of "no go zones" - places where he saw something creepy crawly and will never go again. Realizing they're going to run out of places to play, Xavier and Yadina decide it's time to go... to the Secret Museum! Our heroes are sent back in time to meet someone who loved being out in nature: Theodore Roosevelt. Brad and the gang accompany a young Theodore as he finds homes for animals that have been dis-placed from their natural habitat, then years later takes a balloon tour of some of his protected National Parks as President of the United States. Throughout the journey Brad realizes that, just like him, nature needs space to live and grow.
7:09 AM
Bamboo Love (Kindergarten)
Bamboo Love is trying to do magic tricks, but each one seems to be going wrong. Or maybe the mistakes are all a funny show that she and Rabbit have made up to make us laugh?
7:14 AM
Paw Patrol
Cap'n Turbot and Francois chirp for help when a bird-watching contest leaves them up in the air.
7:27 AM
Wild Kratts
While Koki is monitoring her daily "villain watch", she discovers that Gourmand is heading to the island of Komodo. The name sounds familiar, but she can't recall why, so she goes and asks the Kratt Brothers who do a double take. The island only has the world's largest lizard - the Komodo dragon! They decide they better go and see what Gourmand is up to on the island of these amazing creatures.
7:54 AM
Bitz and Bob (K-2 Science)
It's the Snowy Goat Gala on High Snowy Mountain and Little Bo Purl is meant to be performing her famous snowy yodelling - snowdelling - accompanied by her legendary bell ringing show goats. But when the goats go down with goaty colds making them all sneeze, Bitz and the gang must take over bell ringing duties for Little Bo Purl ... but first they need to work out how to get the tune right in time for the big performance.
8:06 AM
You Can Do It Too!
The children are bell-ringing, but how will they know which bells to ring to play a song? By colour coding musical sequences everyone can play along. Join in at home by making colour coded xylophones from cardboard tubes. Practice makes perfect!
8:10 AM
Numberblocks Season 2-3 (K-2 Math)
Every time Numberblock Nine hiccups, he falls to pieces - until the others find an unexpected cure.
8:15 AM
I'm a Fish (K-2 Science)
The Seahorse shows us his romantic side and explains how he dances for days when he meets his partner and carries his babies until they are born.
8:17 AM
Yeti Tales
Yetili reads us the story of The Fox and the Crow.
8:19 AM
16 Hudson (K-2 Social Studies)
When Amala's Papa misses her school play, she struggles with her disappointment until she finds out the whole story.
8:27 AM
Let's Go Luna (K-2 Social Studies)
In Beijing, when the kids decide to give Luna her own special day, they discover that China already celebrates her with the Moon Festival.
8:40 AM
Space Racers
During a race across Saturn's moon Titan, a cryovolcano blast strips Hawk of his colors. Eager to look like himself again, he goes in for a paint job, but a robotic error causes the cadet to emerge with a new, shockingly colorful body. He soon finds himself idolized by young groupies who follow his every move, turning him into the campus 'rock star.' To Eagle and Robyn's dismay, their friend has become ruled by his newfound fame. Inspired by Hawk's new status, Crow flies to Titan and quickly finds himself in danger. When the older cadets soar to the rescue, Hawk acts on his instincts to rescue Crow from an icy blast, accidentally stripping his paint off again. Now deemed a hero for his actions, Hawk realizes R 2 that he prefers to be guided by what really counts: what's inside. He schedules a new paint job and to everyone's relief, emerges looking like his old self.
8:52 AM
Gisèle's Big Backyard
Journalist Jay and a rhyming reporter find words that rhyme for the Big Backyard News. In this episode, Jay and rhyming reporter, Yousuf find words that rhyme with tree.
8:54 AM
Can You Imagine That! (K-2 Social Studies)
James imagines what it would be like to be a train engineer and drive a train. He would also be able to fix the train and keep it running safely and properly so that it's always a smooth ride. James would love to drive his train through different cities carrying different cargo - from a train full of teddy bears to getting people to their destinations on time! All aboard!
9:00 AM
Paw Patrol
Luke Stars is coming to Adventure Bay! The whole town is looking forward to the pop stars show, especially Rubble and a star struck Mayor Goodway. On the big day, the pups wake up to a mess as a storm has blown the whole town apart, including the stage. The Paw Patrol is busy at work fixing the stage and corralling the eager audience when Luke calls to say the bridge is out. Ryder sends Zuma and Skye to airlift Luke and his equipment from one side of the bridge to safety of Ryder's ATV, then to the stage where he wows the audience, with a little help from Rubble. --- While enjoying a hike in the woods, Mayor Goodway's backpack slips down the side of a cliff, with Chickaletta in it! The backpack is perched way out on a limb, with an eagles nest not far away and Mayor Goodway is sure Chickaletta will be the eagles lunch! Ryder calls Chase to winch the backpack and EMT Marshall just in case the chicken falls. No sooner do the pups rescue Chickaletta than they discover the eagle is caught in twine and tied to her own nest. Skye swallows all her fear and rescues the eagle by executing some sneaky maneuvers to get close enough to bite the twine to free the majestic bird. That pups gotta fly!
9:25 AM
Finding Stuff Out (Gr 1-4 Science)
The Big Question: "WHY DOES MY BODY MAKE SO MUCH NOISE?" Theme: We burp, fart, cough, sneeze and our stomachs grumble. And these are just the involuntary noises that are the by-product of bodily functions. Other bodily noises we make are within our control, and can be pretty impressive too!
9:47 AM
Finding Stuff Out (Gr 1-4 Science)
The Big Question: "HOW COULD THEY BUILD THOSE HUGE PYRAMIDS WITHOUT USING ANY MACHINES?" Theme: Today we use all kinds of big machines like cranes, bulldozers and excavators to build things. But how did the ancient Egyptians build their massive pyramids without any of these machines? Nobody can say for sure, but experts think they used simple machines like wedges, levers and ramps. And the big modern machines we use today all have simple machines in them!
10:09 AM
Finding Stuff Out (Gr 1-4 Science)
The Big Question: What makes an animal a good farm animal? Theme: Thanks to farm animals we get things like milk, eggs and meat. But it's important for farmers to treat their animals respectfully so they don't suffer unnecessarily. If we take care of the animals, the animals will take care of us by giving us lots of the good stuff that helps us survive. A happy animal makes a good farm animal!
10:32 AM
I LOVE (Kindergarten)
Keon loves to go on nature walks with his Mom.
10:34 AM
Abby Hatcher (Kindergarten)
Acorn-loving chipmumks take Teeny Terry's snug... while Teeny Terry's still in it! --- Abby's wants to find a new place to sleep so she doesn't disturb her visiting Wai Po.
10:58 AM
GBB: Jolly Reader
Pirate Gisele sails the seven seas with her motley puppet crew as they explore literacy building blocks. Spelling, Rhyming, phonics, sign reading, and critical thinking are all explored in this fun adventure series. In this episode Gisele tries to get the Wordmaid to rhyme with the word cat. Concentration on rhyming.
11:03 AM
Opie's Home
Opie tries to convince Lucas the good qualities of the evil Piratron, but realizes that everyone has their good traits - even bad guys.
11:10 AM
Zerby Derby
Zack and Lily are playing with a jump that always flips them upside-down. They realize a pile of leaves would be a great way to land upside-down. But it's a very windy day in Zerby Town Forest and the leaves blow away. Putting sticks on the leaves makes them no fun to jump on. Zack and Lily look for an answer and realize digging a hole to put the leaves in will protect them from the wind so they will be there when they jump off and land upside-down.
11:17 AM
Zerby Derby
Zack and Rex are exploring a trail near Zerby Town Lake when Zack falls down a steep hill and lands on a small beach. The hill is too steep to climb up and the beach is blocked at both ends, preventing Zack from being able to get back. Zack and Rex try, try again to figure out a way to get Zack off the beach. Rex gets a rope and tries to pull Zack up, but Zack keeps getting caught and Rex can't pull him. While Rex is off looking for answers, Fran the Ferry comes by and asks Zack what he's up to. That's when Zack realizes that he can get off the beach by riding on the water - on Fran!
11:24 AM
Now You Know (Kindergarten)
Howie and Baboo visit aquarist Kevin at Ripley's Aquarium of Canada, who introduces them to a glass tank full of jellyfish. They learn about jellyfish body parts and why it is different from a fish.
11:32 AM
Create (Gr 1-3 Arts)
If you've ever seen a cool plant and wondered how you could have your own then this episode of Create is for you! Propagation is all about how to take a cutting from a parent plant and use it to grow your very own plant!
11:35 AM
Dino Dana (K-2 Science)
Dana is trying to solve "Dino Experiment 7-2-4, Why was the Europasaurus so small?" but her progress is complicated by the fact that Mom is forcing her to stay in her messy room until she cleans it up.
11:46 AM
Bitz and Bob (K-2 Science)
Bitz and Bob's junk stall sells out of everything including Bob's helmet! Bob is horrified. The gang try all sorts of substitute helmets; Bitz's craft box, a traffic cone, even a knitted helmet. When they try making a helmet out of a piece of cardboard it isn't quite right. But Bob accidentally squashes the craft box and Bitz figures out they could use its flattened shape as a pattern by drawing round it, cutting it out and folding it in the same way. But Zip and Pop may have a surprise for Bob!
11:57 AM
You Can Do It Too!
Did you know that flat card can be turned into standy-up boxes? Bitz, Bob and the children are making the perfect treasure chests AND their own robo-helmets; just like Bob's! With a few folds and some tape you're a 2D to 3D engineer.
12:05 PM
Paw Patrol
It's Adventure Bay's annual Easter Egg hunt and the pups help Mayor Goodway with the egg decorating. After Alex finds a giant egg, an Eagle soars in and swipes the huge basket of eggs that also contains - Rocky and Chickaletta! PAW Patrol has to save them from the Eagle and save the Easter Egg hunt!
12:30 PM
Floogals (Gr 1-3 Science)
When the Boy Hooman brings a classroom tortoise home for the weekend, the Floogals question why this special moving "rock" is worthy of so much attention. Their investigation leads to a not-so-high-speed race.
12:41 PM
Cutie Pugs (Kindergarten)
Speedy Penny, Petey and Poppy are racing through the house, but little Pablo is moving slowly and can't keep up, so he decides instead to join Dee Dee downstairs in the basement. There's Dee Dee, setting up a ramp for her cool new remote-control toy car! The other pugs follow Pablo downstairs and scramble to get out of the car's way as it speeds across the floor. Dee Dee launches the car off the ramp, crashing it against the doll house, causing Dad to check in on them. "All good, Dad!", shouts Dee Dee as she builds a wall of cushions in preparation for the next launch.
12:48 PM
Ping and Friends
Ping and Pong try to teach music to some excitable students.
12:55 PM
Treasure Champs
In order to celebrate their gifts, Kari is hosting a Treasure Champs talent show, but Barry needs help to see that his unique talent is worthy of a performance. Thingy's limbo stunt and Kari's trumpet playing and ball bouncing act go down a storm, but how will Barry's combination of yodelling and eyebrow dancing be received?
1:00 PM
Abby Hatcher (Kindergarten)
Grumbles needs a haircut, but he's afraid to get one.
1:12 PM
Mr. Moon (Kindergarten)
Mr Moon and Silva mix up the new stars, so Draco begins to act like Cygnus and Cygnus begins to act like Draco.
1:24 PM
Are You Ready? (Kindergarten)
Our friend shows us how he plays safely outside.
1:26 PM
Bing wants to draw a big picture so Flop finds him some chalk to draw on the pavement. Bing draws a fabulous stripy, spotty, zig-zag dinosaur but just as he's finished a rain shower washes the dinosaur away. Bing is devastated until he sees that a bit of dinosaur is left behind and with that new beginning there is another chalk something waiting to be created.
1:34 PM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Tweet becomes Princess Tweet for the day. At first she enjoys being spoilt by her royal helpers Ruff-Ruff and Dave, but when they start planning a royal show, she realizes she can have more fun taking part.
1:45 PM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small (Kindergarten)
When a storm breaks out as they're playing at Miffy's house, Miffy discovers that Grunty is scared of thunder. Can she convince her friend there's nothing to be scared of?
1:52 PM
Animal Fun
fun facts about gorillas
1:54 PM
The Day Henry Met...
Today Henry meets a giant observatory telescope. Telescope has just discovered a new constellation and spins around in excitement. The trouble is he didn't write down the co-ordinates! Henry becomes an Astronomer and helps Telescope track down the constellation and learns all about astronomy!
2:00 PM
Lily's Driftwood Bay (Kindergarten)
Dad reads Lily a funny monster story. On Driftwood Bay, Lily goes for a painting trip with Wee Rabbit to Wild Rocks and when they hear the loud roar of a terrible monster there they are terrified! Luckily, Salty is at hand to reveal the truth.
2:07 PM
Yeti Tales
Yetili reads us a story about the Parrot.
2:10 PM
Book Hungry Bears (Kindergarten)
The Bears learn that everyone can look at the same thing and see something different. They learn to appreciate each other's point of view and imagination. Scout learns that his friends see things differently; there isn't one right way. BOOK: 'Picture the Sky'. The book describes the many ways the sky can appear, and the many things the sky can be. There is more than one way to picture the sky!
2:21 PM
Zerby Derby
Zack and Axle find a road going down a steep hill. But Axle doesn't like the road too much because it goes back and forth across the hill instead of straight down - which is much faster. They call Sandy the Bulldozer to change the road to one that goes straight down. But when Sandy is finished they find that getting up the road is too steep. They realize going across the hill makes it easier to climb, but they have to change directions several times before they get all the way to the top. In the end, they have built a switchback road to the top of the hill, the same kind of road they had before. But Axle doesn't mind, now that he knows why the road looks like that.
2:28 PM
Hi Opie! (Kindergarten)
Opie is excited for Monster Day until he discovers his monster buddy Gavin is absent. Opie tries to teach Corinne the activity, but has to be reminded that different kids play in different ways.
2:35 PM
Mister Maker (Gr 1-3 Arts)
Mister Maker makes a splattered space picture, and shows you how to create coin clackers and hilarious worms in a can. Guess the answer to the shape puzzle, and watch 'The Mister Maker Kids' make an enormous pencil.
2:54 PM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave fly off to the jungle to pick bananas. It's clear someone in the jungle like bananas as much as Dave, as the bananas keep disappearing! Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave have to track down the banana-loving-cheeky friend Bobby the Monkey - and share their bananas.
3:05 PM
Space Racers
When Vulture fires Dodo, the forlorn assistant doesn't know what he'll do or where he'll go. Wanting to help, the kids suggest that he enlist in Stardust Space Academy. Dodo's intrigued: he can actually do that? Headmaster Crane agrees to give him a chance, so the cadets welcome the newest Space Racer to their team: Cadet Dodo. On a group mission with Eagle, Robyn and Hawk to Saturn's moon Io, Dodo makes an accidental discovery: a previously uncharted (and very smelly) sulfur lake. Back on Earth, Vulture gets wind of the find. Wanting the glory for himself, he quickly rehires his former sidekick and, on a wing-shake of ,newfound trust,, they're reunited. Space explorers are granted the honor of naming their discoveries... so Dodo cheerfully names his ,Vulture Lake,... which, to Vulture's chagrin, turns out to be the stinkiest lake in the solar system!
3:17 PM
The Ollie & Moon Show (Gr 1-3 Social Studies)
Ollie's so frustrated over being small that he wants to go to a place where he's the biggest! But when he gets there, he discovers that being big is tougher than he thought!
3:29 PM
Paw Patrol
When Daring Danny X starts his own sporting goods delivery service, he mistakes a turtle eggs for some golf balls. It's up to Paw Patrol to rescue Danny and the baby turtles when the eggs start to hatch. --- Rocky and Ryder have built Farmer Al a special sheep shearing machine. But when Humdinger's kittens start playing with the machine, all the sheep get oversheared creating a giant yarn ball that knocks down everything in its path.
3:55 PM
Blynk and Aazoo (Gr 1-3 Science)
Our young inquirer, Morghen, asks Blynk and Aazoo, "How can I have X-ray vision?" With the help of our intergalactic science expert, Jessie, discover how our we see, the different types of light in our world - some of them that are invisible to us but which some animals use to see, and how sciensts are trying to see through solid objects. Blynk's invention reveals how Aazoo brain works.
4:02 PM
Animal Fun
fun facts about gorillas
4:05 PM
Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum
Yadina becomes increasingly frustrated as she tries to read a book to Dr. Zoom, but has to keep stopping since it has words in it she doesn't know. Learning to read is SO hard - she feels like she'll never be able to do it. Xavier knows just what his little sister needs... to the Secret Museum! Our heroes travel back in time to meet someone truly incredible, who had to overcome a whole lot to learn how to do just about anything: Helen Keller. Watching Helen first learn what words are, then how to read, and finally how to speak, all in her own unique way, inspires Yadina to go home and try to find her own way to learn to read. Because, as Helen shows her, there are many different ways to learn. --- Losing his voice is frustrating enough for Brad, but it doesn't help matters when Xavier and Yadina do all the talking for him instead of trying to listen. To the Secret Museum! Brad takes his friends back in time to meet someone who worked his whole life to help people be heard: Alexander Graham Bell. Watching Alexander first help his deaf mother, then his whole school of deaf students, have their voices heard in any way they can, helps Xavier and Yadina realize that they should've tried harder to listen to Brad, even when they couldn't technically hear him. It's important to listen to everyone.
4:30 PM
That TVOkids Show
Join TVOkids hosts Lucas, Laura and Greg every weekday as they talk to Ontario kids and have fun in their special tree fort hangout! Today, Lucas and Laura debate ketchup vs mustard!
4:45 PM
Odd Squad Mobile Unit (Gr 1-3 Math) (Gr 1-3 Math)
The Mobile Unit's first case is all the way across the world in Japan. Orla is disappointed when the task is super simple: return a plant to the 17th dimension. All it requires is putting together a build-it-yourself portal. But when Orla rushes through constructing the portal without reading the instructions, Omar, Oswald, and Opal end up stuck in the 17th dimension.
5:00 PM
All-Round Champion (Gr 1-5 Health)
Gymnastics was revealed as the featured sport and Sydney is training her fellow athletes for the Vault competition. Gymnastics is proving to be intense and grueling and two athletes have to sit on the sidelines due to injury. Marshall continues to miss home; Fenella gets some shocking news from her doctor.
5:26 PM
Wild Kratts
The Wild Kratts aren't too sure what to do for Halloween. Should they go trick or treating or just have a Halloween Party? The Kratt bros decide that the best thing to do is to discover some new "creepy cool" creatures. Heading off to find these new animals friends, Martin and Chris don't realize that Zach and the other villains have come up with a plan to ruin Halloween. Can the Wild Kratts defeat the villains and still get to celebrate Halloween?
5:53 PM
Dino Dana (K-2 Science)
While Dana and Saara help Grandma make tomato sauce, Dana finds a lone Incisivosaurus who does not seem to be migrating south for the winter and becomes determined to figure out how it finds food when it's cold.
6:05 PM
Leo's Fishheads (Gr 1-4 Science)
When a fish is in trouble, you know the FishHeads will be there! Leo, Sayat and Christian are determined to help the Brook Trout, a cold-water native species that has lost over 80% of its population due to pollution. They get to work with Trout Unlimited to help rebuild the fish's fragile creek home, and are feeling totally lucky to get a special look at this fish at risk.
6:16 PM
Super Mighty Makers
Craft Kid Isabella shares a bedroom with her younger sister, Olivia. Sometimes their special things get mixed up, so Isabella wants to make something for Olivia to store her favourite things in. With Bondini and Super Mighty Maker Maria, Isabella makes the "Can Do Critter".
6:27 PM
Big Top Academy (Gr 1-4 Health)
During their first assignment, Nicholas regrets trusting Max with his biggest secret, April struggles to open up to Ella, and Axel and Celeste try to pull off the greatest prank in Big Top Academy history!
6:49 PM
What's For Dinner
Join us for a fantastic Greek Cypriot feast with Elias and his family in the latest episode of What's for Dinner! Warning - there's a lot of cheese involved and a traditional dinner game at stake!