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6:01 PM

Creature Mania

Today on Creature Mania, we go ape with the gibbon and check out the super weird looking okapi.

6:02 AM
Splash and Bubbles
When Finny, a green dragonet, joins the group to play one day, Bubbles starts to worry that they're so similar, her friends won't need her around anymore.
6:14 AM
Mundi enjoys making duct-tape accessories for her friends. Anabella loves hers - but the others aren't so keen! So when Anabella suggests they model them in a fashion show, the others are appalled. They'd hate to hurt Mundi's feelings, but are her accessories even 'fashion'? To find out, they set off to Paris, France, where they end up searching a fashion designer's inspiration room in search of a lost necklace. Meanwhile, Oto and Fico set out to deliver a trunk to a fashion show - but lose it! To get the trunk back, they have to make their kooky accessories work for them. In the end, the kids discover that 'fashion' can be anything you want it to be and they also learn a lesson about tactful honesty. --- Doki wants his Team to be champions in the game of 'Grounders', Doki figures they have to learn to play entirely off the ground - but how long can you really go without touching the ground? To find out, they head to a Rainforest in Costa Rica to find Victor, the mysterious reigning champ, who has become a rainforest researcher. Their coaching session turns into a rescue when Fico gets stuck in quick-sand but thanks to what they've observed about tree-living animals, they manage to rescue him without touching the ground!
6:38 AM
Ping and Friends
Matilda and Ping work together to get Matilda to understand that there are different types of dance. Ping solves the problem by calling out the movements as they do in a real square dance.
6:45 AM
Tee and Mo
Tee accidently marks Mo's newly cleaned carpet. Uh oh!
6:52 AM
Three does magic tricks with apples to show the others who goes first, who's biggest and how to surprise your number friends. Learn about simple counting, ordering and adding with the Numberblocks.
6:57 AM
Odd Squad
Olive and Otto battle Fladam, a villain with a vendetta against cubes.
7:12 AM
Are You Ready?
Our friend shows us how she can build an awesome fort with cushions, a sheet and some chairs.
7:14 AM
Paw Patrol
Bettina the cow is restless! When Farmer Al's truck gets stuck on top of the broken bridge, it's up to the pups to lower them to safety and find out what's wrong with Bettina.
7:29 AM
Wild Kratts
While hiking in the Sonoran Desert, Martin comes across a ,wolf hawk,. He rushes back to the Tortuga to tell everybody the news, only to have Chris say there is no such thing. What he saw was a Harris's hawk. Martin is determined to prove why these raptors should be renamed and he takes the Wild Kratts team on a mission to learn about these amazing birds.
7:56 AM
Abby Hatcher
Otis borrows Abby's bike and ends up on a wild ride when he can't make it stop. --- Abby's afraid of the dentist, and the Fuzzlies have to help her.
8:19 AM
Let's Go Luna
In Juneau, Andy wants to experience the beautiful blue light of the Mendenhall Glacier ice caves, but getting there is quite a project.
8:32 AM
Raven's Quest
Kajsa is a 9-year-old girl from the Haida Gwaii nation. She lives in Skidegate, British Columbia. Kajsa shows us some of the sights around her community, takes us to the Haida Museum and shows us how to weave a traditional cedar bark basket.
8:40 AM
Space Racers
AVA misses her old friend QUESTY, the computer system on the inactive Quest One Space Station, so Hawk decides to take her there for a visit. Once aboard the station, QUESTY is overjoyed to hear AVA's voice again! While Hawk naps, the two computer programs chatter away and catch up on all the latest gossip. But when a bubble of hot plasma erupts off the Sun and sprays solar particles into space, they wash over the station and trigger a weird technical anomaly: R 14 both AVA and QUESTY are somehow merged together inside Hawk's head. At first he tries to make the best of it... but their endless yammering keeps him awake at night, distracts him at work and play, and generally drives poor Hawk crazy. Finally he just can't take it anymore, and regretfully enlists Coot's help to separate the two programs from his aching brain.
8:52 AM
Can You Imagine That!
Samantha wants to be a construction worker and build tall buildings and houses all over her city. She would love using all kinds of tools to measure and build with, and use different kinds of materials. Samantha would work with a great construction team, like Wendy the Crane and Henry the Dump Truck, each having their own special jobs to do. The best part of being a construction worker is digging deep holes so that every house and building in her city has a swimming pool! Splash!
8:57 AM
Imogen loves to play the ukulele.
9:00 AM
Paw Patrol
When Daring Danny X accidentally drives the Paw Patroller into the bay, Ryder and the pups must rescue the misguided daredevil from the waterlogged rig, then raise their truck up from the depths of Adventure Bay. --- When a pair of pilfering crows swipe objects from all over Adventure Bay, Alex summons his Mini-Patrol to retrieve the Mayor's precious hatband. Instead the young crew find a heap of trouble while trying to track the birds down. It's up to Ryder and the Paw Patrol to save the young wanna-be rescuer and his mini crew in time for Hat-a-palooza!
9:23 AM
Famous fashion bug, Donna Versluggy is late for the Marsh's big fashion show, and Flick and Harvey are forced to fill in for her!
9:35 AM
When an erupting geyser disturbs the rabbits, the team helps them to find a more peaceful home.
9:43 AM
The little giraffe wants to have some leaves from the trees. But it can't reach them and the big ones won't share any of it.
9:47 AM
One finds a friendly furball, two of them tickle Two and soon Numberland is full of fun and fluffies! Have fun counting and learning how to make sevens with the Numberblocks.
9:53 AM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Hatty teaches Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave how to do magic tricks. Their magic show is a triumph, as Dave makes a banana disappear, Tweet moves a pencil without touching it and Ruff-Ruff makes frogs magically appear from Hatty's hat!
10:04 AM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
There's lots of fun to be had getting ready for the Halloween party, and it seems like everyone has a different costume to dress up in - except Miffy.
10:11 AM
Tee and Mo
Tee finds that it's easier to blame Action Ape for all of his mess and then feels guilty when Mo tells Action Ape off. Can Tee learn to tell Mo the truth?
10:18 AM
Bing and Sula find a potato in Amma's vegetable patch with a comical 'face', so they take it under their wing, naming it "Nosey". The two children look after Nosey and show him around the nursery but unfortunately Nosey goes down the slide too quickly and his 'nose' falls off. Amma shows them how to plant both bits of potato so that they can grow new potatoes.
10:25 AM
Are You Ready?
Our friend tidies up his toys before snack time.
10:28 AM
Lily's Driftwood Bay
Lord Stag gets Lily - and the other islanders - lost in his overgrown ornamental garden. They wonder if they'll ever find the way out. It takes Bull and his love of barnacle bread to lead them to freedom!
10:36 AM
When Zou loses his scarf and notebook, he decides he has to find a way to take better care of his things. He tries several ideas and, in the process, finds lost items for the other members of his family. It turns out Zou wasn't quite as careless as he thought. Zak had taken Zou's things home in his schoolbag by mistake!
10:48 AM
Zou helps Uncle Zavier with a big delivery but somethings not quite right. Mr. Zoey's shop as well. It turns out that two store deliveries have been mixed up and taken to the wrong addresses.
10:59 AM
Ping and Friends
While getting ready for a picnic Ping and Pong enjoy some reggae without realizing that a friend was feeling left out.
11:06 AM
Zerby Derby
Axle is very proud of the big circle race track he and the other racing Zerbies have constructed. But when it looks like rain they go to Mika the Mechanic to help them come up with a way to cover their course. Mika covers the course with a large canvas, but there's no room for the racers to race underneath. They try putting up a big stick in the middle, and that helps a bit, but there is still a lot of canvas covering the course. But when Mika pulls on the edge of the canvas to find out what Zack and Axle are talking about - they all realize that pulling the edges will make a perfect tent. Once they've pulled it and tied it down there's lots of room underneath for racing, rain or shine. --- Lily and Zack are driving along in the early morning when they find Bob the Boat beached up on the shore. Bob tells them that it was so dark last night that he couldn't find his boat house. With the help of Mika the Mechanic they place a lighthouse on Zerby Town Pier so he can see his way at night. But when they come to test it out they find where you put light is very important. They aim it at the shore, but all Bob can see is the bush it's hitting. They try again, this time aiming the light right at Bob, which doesn't help either. They find that the lighthouse works perfect if it's aiming right at Bob's boathouse. --- Sandy the Bulldozer joins Zack and Lily for a game of hide-and-seek. Zack and Lily are very surprised at how good Sandy is at hiding. But they soon discover Sandy's tracks, which they hope to follow to her hiding spot. When the tracks go over a rock they figure out to search the other side of the rock to find them again. When the tracks go into tall grass they learn to look for grass that's pushed over, and when they encounter tracks all over the place they search for other clues in order to find Sandy.
11:27 AM
I'm a Fish
The daring Swordfish displays his skills with his sword like nose against his enemies small and large.
11:31 AM
Now You Know
Howie peers through his telescope: he sees London, he sees France. He sees Baboo... in his underpants? After playing, Howie wonders, ,How do I see with my eyes?, They visit Dr. Carey, an optometrist, at his office, who performs an eye exam on Howie and shows him his medical tools to check a person's eyes.
11:38 AM
Dino Dana
While Dana and Saara help Grandma make tomato sauce, Dana finds a lone Incisivosaurus who does not seem to be migrating south for the winter and becomes determined to figure out how it finds food when it's cold.
11:49 AM
Bitz and Bob
It's the Princess Purl Day parade in Craft City and Bitz is driving the royal carriage, while Purl waves at all the crowds and Bob acts as tour guide. But disaster strikes when the brake jams and when Bitz tries to fix it, it snaps off in her hand and the carriage zooms off, out of control with Bob and Princess Purl still on board. Bitz needs to think of a way of stopping it and fast?
12:00 PM
You Can Do It Too!
How do you make the super-fast go slower? Our engineering friends are testing how umbrellas and parachutes can trap air and help slow things down. It's called drag! Join us as we make our own paper parachutes for the bottle top drop.
12:05 PM
Paw Patrol
When their friend Alex decides he wants to be a member of the PAW Patrol the PUPS and Ryder let him come along for the ride. Rescuing Cali the cat from the top of farmer Yumi's silo becomes more of a challenge when Alex tries to help!
12:17 PM
Abby Hatcher
Curly's favorite sock doll is smelling up the hotel, but she really wants to keep it. Is there something Abby can try to clear the air?
12:31 PM
Boomer is looking for trinkets to add to his treasure collection when Dad Hooman comes out into the garden with a strange machine. The Floogals work out that it's a metal detector and try to find something themselves. But Boomer's paperclip gets glued to his foot making the metal detector a Floogal detector!
12:42 PM
Ping and Friends
When Ping & Pong see Mr Prickles taking all his stuff out of his house, they think he's moving away because they accidently cut a rose in his garden. Then they collaborate on writing and performing a song, as does Matilda in dancing the flamenco style, in order to make him stay.
12:49 PM
Splash and Bubbles
While playing in the kelp forest, Splash, Bubbles and Dunk meet Tidy the Garibaldi Fish, who is the self-appointed Kelp Forest Ranger. Tidy has been taking the kids' shells as they play in the forest, because he likes to keep everything clean and tidy.
1:02 PM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave harvest the hay down on the farm. They have to keep counting and checking their nine bales of hay, to ensure they are all safely put away in the barn before it rains.
1:13 PM
Mr. Moon
Gold Star is determined to get his music machine to work and he keeps trying new things. Mr Moon, Stella and Silva insist that Gold Star takes a break and the travel to Io, a moon of Jupiter where spectacular geysers shoot into space. Not only does Gold Star appreciate the break - but the geysers provide a clue to make his music machine work.
1:25 PM
Bing discovers a hole in his favourite yellow wellies but he doesn't want to throw them away in the stinky dustbin. With Flop's help, Bing finds a way to recycle the wellies into colourful flower pots instead.
1:33 PM
Zou decides he'd like to be a crossing guard and Grandpa helps him make a sign of his own. He then directs ,traffic, around the house with his new sign but creates such havoc that it is decided that he might be better directing ,traffic, down at the beach.
1:45 PM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
Grunty is having a grumpy day - which is not like Grunty at all! Miffy sets out to find out what's wrong with her friend - and what she can do to make her feel better.
1:52 PM
Bamboo Love
When she drops a cupcake Bamboo Love is very sad that she no longer has it to eat. But with some instruction and adult help she learns how to make some very tasty cupcakes and her sad day turns into a great baking day!
1:55 PM
The Day Henry Met...
Henry meets a trophy in trophy shop. Henry asks why Trophy isn't in the trophy cabinet with all his friends, it turns out he is a trophy for the "Best Gymnast in the Whole Entire Universe" but on the day of the big gymnastics final all the gymnasts got lost so there was no-one take take part! Henry becomes a gymnast, wins the "Best Gymnast in the Whole Entire Universe" finals so Trophy can live in trophy cabinet with all his friends.
2:00 PM
Yeti Tales
To get ready for today's story, Nina and Leon wear bird costumes.
2:07 PM
Rob the Robot
Everyone's looking forward to Ema's cousin, Mea, coming for a sleepover. However there's not enough beds on the rocket so they head off to the Bed Time Planet. Once there, they have a great time playing until finally, they're all so pooped out all they can think of is hitting the sack - everyone except Orbit who's doing everything in his power to try to keep everyone up all night long! Unbeknownst to the others, Orbit is afraid to tell them he has bad dreams when he sleeps in a bed other than his own.
2:20 PM
Zerby Derby
Chase is getting a new decal. But Mika tells him he can't fly for a full hour while the glue dries. Chase realized NOT flying is harder than he thought it would be.
2:27 PM
Top of the Tops
Top 5 Smallest Dinosaurs to Walk the Earth 5- Micropachycephalosaurus 4- Archaeopteryx 3- Microraptor 2- Anchiornis 1- Scansoriopteryx
2:30 PM
Canada Crew
The Canada Crew learn all about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police with the help of Constable Amber, her horse Comet, and the RCMP's musical ride.
2:37 PM
Mister Maker
Mister Maker shows you how to make perfect leaf prints, hilarious springy eyes and a gruesome jar to keep all your bits and bobs in. Guess the answer to the shape puzzle, and watch 'The Mister Maker Kid's' make a huge helicopter.
2:57 PM
When an erupting geyser disturbs the rabbits, the team helps them to find a more peaceful home.
3:04 PM
Four is the new block on the block and he can't wait to share how much he loves to be square! Learn all about the number 4 with Numberblock Four.
3:09 PM
16 Hudson
After Amala enlists Luc's help to get her community garden plot ready for spring, he gets carried away digging and makes a mess of the whole place. She quietly puts up with it, but when Luc nearly destroys a tiny, delicate sprout while playing, Amala finds her voice after all and, like spring flowers, they both grow a little.
3:17 PM
Watch our artist mould a face out of clay and see if you can create a 3D portrait of your family and friends!
3:20 PM
Paw Patrol
Rocky goes missing at Uncle Otis cabin in the woods! The Paw Patrol needs to solve the mystery of the Werepuppy! --- It's Cowboy Day at the Wingnuts Dude Ranch. Mayor Goodway tries to brave the hazards of the ranch all while sleepwalking!
3:44 PM
The Ollie & Moon Show
When Moon does a poor job of cleaning up, Ollie's tiny Matryoshka doll goes missing. But when they go to Russia to get a new one, Moon's messy ways nearly leave them stranded.
3:55 PM
Raven's Quest
Jaylene and Jolene are 9-year-old twin girls from the Cree Nation of Eastmain. They love to play Rubik's Cube and hang out at the park. At school, it's culture day and the girls take us inside a teepee and show us how to make bannock, a traditional First Nations bread.
4:03 PM
Lakewood Elementary has just instituted IRP; a program where kids can earn points (and prizes!) for reading. Buster's thrilled and gets to work straight away! But will he earn enough points for a skateboard? --- Buster and Brain never agree on movies. Buster rates every film a 10+, while Brain doesn't seem to like anything...Only one of them can be right...or so they think.
4:30 PM
That TVOkids Show
Join TVOkids hosts Lucas and Laura every weekday as they talk to Ontario kids and have fun in their special tree fort hangout! Today, Lucas and Laura celebrate scary stories!
4:45 PM
Odd Squad
Odd Squad and Villains work together to stop a giant robot.
5:00 PM
Big Top Academy
It's a Big Top Academy showdown as the students band together to catch Mimi in time for their Reflections of the Past Showcase.
5:22 PM
Wild Kratts
When a rogue wave crashes into the Tortuga, the Wild Kratts get separated. Jimmy and Aviva end up on rafts in the middle of the ocean. Koki is trapped on a sinking Tortuga. While Chris and Martin end up on two islands. Chris Is alone on his island, but Martin isn't. He soon discovers a creature friend, a Puffin! Martin begins to devise a plan to use the powers of this little bird to get off the island and rescue his friends.
5:50 PM
Dino Dana
When Dana gets a cold, she's still determined to complete Dino Experiment 7-2-5, were dinosaurs warm or cold-blooded, despite Ms. Currie's efforts to keep her inside and in bed.
6:01 PM
Creature Mania
Today on Creature Mania, we go ape with the gibbon, check out the super weird looking okapi and get wriggly with the common earthworm. We meet Adrian and his dog Jesse in Dog Tricks, and Cara and her dog in Pet and Tell. We have a laugh with Panda, Pony and the Two Bobs, and hang out with some lovely wallabies.
6:26 PM
Ahoy there! Unearth the key to reading maps with gridlines and join Eric in his search for a hidden buried treasure. Arrrr! It's not magic, matey... it's math!
6:30 PM
When I Grow Up!
Jeremy walks Mikaela through his firehouse and career as a firefighter. From the hydrant to the hoses, Mikeala gets a hands on look at what it takes to fight fires. --- Building equipment that works in space is a far out career that Mikaela discovers while visiting the home of the Canadarm and Mars Rover. Natalie and Kristin are space technologists there who show Mikaela how to design gadgets for use on other planets.
6:52 PM
Top of the Tops
Top 4 Fact about the Planet Venus 4- Named after a Roman Goddess 3- Venus is Earth's heavenly twin 2- Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system 1- Human machines have visited venus
6:54 PM
Paris loves tea parties.